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 Tranzila System Overview
  Who needs online credit card processing?

Payment by credit cards is the most common method of payment on the Internet.
The surfer fills out and submits a secured form with his credit card information
that is passed to the merchant server. InterSpace Ltd. The leading web hosting
company in Israel, has developed the TRANZILA system that allows for on-line credit
card processing and instant transaction confirmation. The system automates and
saves you time on the confirmation process, in few seconds TRANZILA will approve
or reject the credit card transaction and will credit your merchant account.

TRANZILA will allow you to process international credit cards as well as Israeli
credit cards via interface to the local credit card companies.

on-line buyer that types in a mistaken credit card number will be re-directed to the
order form with a request to retype their CC number.
A client whose credit was approved by TRANZILA be re-directed to your "thank you for Shopping" URL.

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