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   Who needs online credit card    processing?

Payment by credit cards is the most common form of payment on the Internet.
The Internet shopper complete and submits a secured form with their credit card information on the merchant's server. The Information is then sent to the Tranzila server that processes the transaction on-line via the credit card companies.

InterSpace Ltd., the leading web hosting company in Israel,
has developed TRANZILA in order to allow credit cardprocessing
and instant transaction confirmation for on-line merchants.
The system automates and saves you time on the confirmation
process. In a few seconds, TRANZILATM approves or rejects the
credit cards transaction and credit your merchant account.
In addition, TRANZILATM provides merchants with an easy to
use,state-of-the art, control Panel, allowing merchants to
control and manage their transactions in real-time

Fast and Easy Integration
TRANZILATM uses the ASP (Application Service Provider) architecture model. The application runs on remote servers, and is easily integrated with all operating systems and programming languages. Its design maximizes flexibility and gives programmers full power and control over their e-commerce solution. Our professional staff will assist and guide you through the administrative and technical issues.

Security and Stability
TRANZILATM was designed with the safety and integrity of the data as a top priority.
The system is fully redundant with hot swappable fail-over elements.

Flat Fees
No percentage prices or hidden costs for transactions

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