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    Transaction Authentication System
    Verify your online transactions (3D Secure)

3-D secure standard allows merchants to verify their on-line identity in real-time

More security, more transactions
The number of Internet transactions by credit card is growing rapidly.
However, with the increase in the number of on-line transactions there is a
sharp increase in instances of fraud, theft and deception. As a result, many
Internet users are reluctant to use their credit cards on-line. Many of them
are justifiably concerned about falling victim to scams and theft, which may
even result in compromising their credit line integrity.

This problem was recognized by Visa International and MasterCard, which adopted
the 3-D secure authentication standard as THE standard for on-line transactions.
The Transaction Authentication System provides a security mechanism for both Internet
users and Internet merchants. The system is based on 3-D Secure technology,
developed by the Credit Card companies. The Transaction Authentication System features
simple and fast integration for merchants who wish to connect their on-line shops to the
system, and an intuitive interface for the on-line shopper.

Users are invited to enroll their credit cards in the service at their card issuer's website.
Once the card is activated, the card number will be recognized whenever a purchase is made
at participating online stores. The users enter their password in the "Verified by Visa"
window. The password allows them to be correctly identified and the transaction will be
verified for completion. In stores that are not yet participating in the Transaction
Authentication System, the credit cards will continue to work as usual.

Know with whom you are dealing
The Transaction Authentication System verifies the identity of the credit card user.
The users' passwords are checked against the credit card companies' own database. When the
verification process is successfully completed, the transaction will be processed.

Merchants' Advantages:
Participating on-line merchants will benefit from immediate ROI. Most significant is that in
most cases of fraud the liability will shift from the merchant to their credit card company.
Additional merchant benefits:

  • Increased confidence of on-line shoppers in the merchant's website and in the
        transaction security of that particular site compared to competitors.
  • Drastic reduction in charge backs and associated fines.
  • Reduction in lost goods from fraud.
  • No need to deal with enquiries and arguments over charge backs.
  • Enhancment of public image.
  • stamp on website.
    Integrating your website with the Transaction Authentication System
    On-line merchants need to interface with the 3-D secure system via a merchant plug-in (MPI).
    We offer three possibilities for merchants to acquire the service:
    1. Dedicated MPI software to provision on the merchant's servers.
    2. Interface remotely to the Transaction Authentication System in a service mode.
      This unique mode guarantees fast deployment of the solution and competitive prices.
    3. Integrated Transaction Authentication System and Tranzila service. This managed
      turnkey solution is an unbeatable package for all of your on-line transaction needs.

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